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    December 12, 2011


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    Steve Behmerwohld

    @ "GaFE", WAIT, maybe you were kidding...


    Steve: I think "Good at Finding Excuses" was sarcastically pointing out Mr. Reardon's penchant for generalizing.

    Even if 100% of the Middle Eastern students in his class are proven cheaters, the sample size is far too small to make any extrapolations valid.

    And even if we set aside the racism, there are procedures for dealing with cheating students. Posting blog comments accusing them with no evidence provided is not the procedure, particularly when the students are so clearly identified.


    Reeve was the poster boy for all the conspiracy nuts in town. Thank God real common sense has prevailed. The Reardon guy needs to get a clue!


    Hey!!!! Wait a minute!!! Who is Orrie in the Facebook??? :) Readon explain...

    Jim Reardon

    I'll repeat the question: Were they cheating?

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